The key to success as an artist is keeping the MOMENTUM going!

Ask any of your Peer Mentors and they’ll tell you that the IGNITE process truly takes two years to really sink in and do it’s thing.

The first year, which you’ve already digested and rocked out like a true rockstar, is all about learning who you are as an artist, gaining valuable tools, strengthening your skills, building important relationships, and listening closely to the wisdom in your heart that holds the formula for your success.

The second year, which you brave one are about to begin, is all about stepping into the mystery of your artist journey and trusting that you are enough, that you know enough, and that the medicine you have to share with others is enough.

During our year together in the IGNITE Online Intensive I had the wonderful honor of guiding you through the four elements of your Creative Process, but now it is up to you to write the content, create the deadlines, and launch your creative work into the world wholeheartedly.

Though as we say again and again in IGNITE — none of us can do this alone.

So that my dear is why I’ve created IGNITE Momentum 2017 — a mastermind/accountability circle/ group mentoring experience only open to IGNITE 2016 graduates like yourself.

IGNITE Momentum is a 10 month commitment to growing your dreams, your goals, and your artistic voice in 2017 —
We start Thursday, February 2nd!

In IGNITE Momentum you will receive:

  • Two monthly group calls (held on the first and third Thursday at 10am PST/ 1pmEST for two hours each) where you will be expected to set goals, ask for support, bounce ideas around, and be held accountable for making your creative dreams a reality. (PLEASE NOTE: If there is 6 or less people registered for IGNITE Momentum the calls will be 90 minutes long. If there is more than 6 people registered the calls will be 2 hours long each.)
  • Each group call will be divided evenly between all that is present and each person will have that specific time to discuss their goals, ideas, and issues and receive individualized mentoring, business guidance, constructive feedback, and seamless encouragement from myself.  (If you are not present you forfeit your time.)
  • All group calls will be recorded and available for you to download and keep.  
  • There will be a Facebook group where you can check in, stay focused, and ask for support.  
  • Just like in the IGNITE Online Intensive you will have unlimited open-hearted email access to me — where you can ask questions or for support.   
  • You will receive one 30 minute private mentoring session you can schedule any time in 2018, when you feel the need for a deeper mentoring experience.  
  • As a collective we will align ourselves with the four elements throughout the year: Water (February – March), Air (April – June), Earth (July – September), and Fire (October – November).  

I believe in you and want to see your creative dreams come true!

Commit to IGNITE Momentum and you are committing to making your dreams happen in 2017 — let’s do this together! Now is the time!


Make 10 Monthly Payments of $155

IGNITE Momentum Cancellations, Refunds, & Failed Payment Policy

To protect the integrity of the IGNITE Momentum process and insure that everyone in IGNITE receives the best experience possible the following policies are lovingly but firmly held to support your transformation.  Your payment acts as agreement to these terms.

Because IGNITE Momentum requires a sincere commitment and space is limited to only IGNITE 2016 graduates, there is a no refund policy.  If you decide to quit at any time, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance within 72 hours of quitting.   Membership in IGNITE Momentum is non-transferable.

Failed payments will result in a $20 fee and your membership in IGNITE Momentum will be suspended until payment is received.  If payment is not received within 72 hours your membership in IGNITE  Momentum will be terminated and the remaining balance will be due immediately.

After making your purchase Connie will email you within 48 business hours with a welcome email that will include access to the IGNITE Momentum Facebook group and the list of call links, dates, and times.