Are you feeling the call to step fully into your Truth as an artist and teacher?

Do you crave more creative depth?     Is your heart growing restless & yearning to expand?     Are you thinking again and again that it’s finally time?

Are you ready, ripe, and devoted to making a change?

Then I invite you to join the IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership — now going on it’s eight session strong.

IGNITE is a year long online intensive that provides women artists with the tools, methods, templates, mentoring, and most of all DEEP Soul Work needed to lead others through the creative process powerfully, design meaningful programs, and build the foundation for a heart guided business based on ones unique greatness and passions.

Since 2012 IGNITE has helped women artists identify their innate greatness, grow more confident as leaders, and gain the tools to translate their own unique blend of creative passions and interests into transformative teaching experiences and heart guided programs.

In IGNITE there are no formulas to follow, structured systems to adopt, or detailed contracts to sign — it is all about YOU, your voice, your mission, your creative fire.

To keep IGNITE cozy & intimate, registration is limited to 16 women artists that:

  • Hear a calling to be of service by guiding others through the creative process powerfully.
  • Are yearning to lead a creative life — one where their work, heart, and creativity are in alignment.
  • Believe art transforms lives, heals, & builds community — because it’s happened to them!
  • Are healers, sacred space holders, coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, and/or activists that are hungry to incorporate the creative process into their practice  with the intention to guide their clients deeper or to transition into new frontiers professionally themselves.
  • Are disheartened by the typical online high-pressure business model and are seeking a program that is in alignment with the elements of Feminine Leadership: intuition, collaboration, creativity, trust, holistic thinking, transparency, vulnerability, integrity, and sustainability.
  • Have at least one year experience of creating art under their apron!  (Formal art training is not required.)
  • Are truly committed.  To preserve the integrity of this process IGNITE has a tough love policy.  You must be fully engaged with the process by attending the bi-weekly group calls and meeting all deadlines or you are out.

Watch The Videos Below To Hear What IGNITE Members Susan, Amanda, & Cynthia Have To Say About IGNITE

Testimony by Susan Nicolai 

Testimony by Amanda Grace

Testimony by Cynthia Jane Collins

Testimony by Joan Gaetz.

Testimony by Kristiann Bonn.

Testimony by Kate Robertson.

Here is a taste of what we cover in IGNITE:

Deepening Your Creative Practice

  • Discovering powerful insight into the creative process.
  • Understanding the energetics & philosophy behind creating from intuition.
  • Aligning creativity with the ultimate creative energy:  Nature.
  • Excavating one’s unique greatness & gifts as an artist.

Teaching Creativity & Transforming Lives

  • Exploring methods, techniques, and technology used to cultivating a transformative experience both online & in-person.
  • Developing trust & intuitive listening skills as the root of powerful feedback and deeper communication with your students.
  • An emphasis on teaching from who you are & not just what you know.
  • Compassionate community tending & the power of gathering in circle, including a look at the challenges faced in women circles and how to navigate them with compassion and integrity.

Embodying Feminine Leadership

  • Embodying the elements of Feminine leadership: intuition, collaboration, creativity, trust, holistic thinking, transparency, community, integrity, curiosity,  & fluidity (especially in regards to money flow).

Sustainable & Ethical Business Practices

  • How to fluidly & effectively organize projects and programs
  • Intuitive business visioning
  • Community engagement (a.k.a. marketing)
  • Professional responsibilities & ethics as a teacher.
  • Collaboration.
  • Understanding the flow and ebb of money in business.
  • The importance of creating internal support systems.
  • Gathering supplies.
  • Basic legal structures to be mindful of.
  • Weaving family, work, creativity, play, & spiritual practice organically together
  • Establishing an online presence & using technology as a form of expression & as a teaching tool

Here Is Previous IGNITE Info Call

PLEASE NOTE:  Every year I tweak & make revisions to IGNITE to update this experience for my students.  Some of the information in the info call below is no longer valid.  I will be hosting another info call later in 2018 that will reflect the new changes.

As a treasured member of IGNITE 2019 you will receive:

  • A year long life changing process that will provide you with the tools, support, mentoring, and sacred space needed to dive deep into your creativity, claim your authentic voice as an artist, and work sustainably, compassionately, and with integrity as an empowered teacher, leader, and artist.
  • IGNITE is divided into four modules: Water, Air, Earth, & Fire.  In each module you will receive written content, videos, audios, exercises, and assignments in downloadable Guidebooks.
  • Weekly emails to keep you inspired, motivated, and on track!
  • Group mentoring calls are held every other week on a Thursday at 10am PDT / 1pm EST for Q&A, sharing, and occasional mini-workshops (these group calls are mandatory).
  • A Peer Mentor that is an IGNITE alumni that will provide extra support and  guidance. Your Peer Mentor has been through the process herself — so her insight and encouragement come from experience!
  • Private online forum for posting assignments and connecting with peers.
  • Unlimited email access to Connie with an open-heart policy — meaning you can ask me anything about my creative, teaching, or business practice and I am happy to share honestly and transparently with you.
  • Personal constructive feedback on all assignments. You will be held as well as challenged.
  • Belong to an intimate circle of artists where you will receive opportunities to support, collaborate, and grow with one another and build friendships for life.
  • In successfully completing IGNITE you will receive an invitation to the IGNITE In-Person Immersion where you will deepen the work you started in the online intensive and leave with stronger clarity, confidence and connection to your Truth and mission.
  • In successfully completing IGNITE you may apply to become a Peer Mentor for the 2020 IGNITE.  This is a work-study position where you will receive deeper insight into the IGNITE process while gaining valuable support and guidance in pursuing your own creative venture after IGNITE.
  • In successfully completing the IGNITE you will be eligible to assistant Connie at her workshops and retreats.
  • Discount on private mentoring with Connie.
  • Additional goodies and surprises along the way!

Group painting

Words of praise from IGNITE alumni

Dr. K. Kitts

Connie Solera’s IGNITE program is not just for artists but for all creative folk. I am a writer, scientist, and professor who has taught for over thirty years. Despite all my experience, IGNITE was worth every penny. For all the different roadblocks a creative person faces, Connie has practical exercises and activities to overcome them. First she works with you to discover how your own creative process functions so that you can maximize it. She provides you with the tools and the know-how to deal with fear and other creative blocks. She helps you to find your own greatness and demonstrates to you how and why the world needs your work. If you are not a teacher, she facilitates and encourages you to cultivate your own innate teaching and mentoring skills. She finishes the year by enabling you to develop and launch a creative business of your own. And to top it off, she does so in a positive and giving way that embodies the feminine. By living example, she proves that there are other ways to achieve success than the oversold model of scarcity and competition.

Kristal Norton

IGNITE has a magical way of peeling back the layers to reveal the truth about what ya want, what you’re here to offer to the world, and how to get there is a way that is aligned with who you are. But for me, IGNITE has really been about learning to trust the way I think and do things, experiencing what its like to be fully seen for all that I am, and building authentic friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  

Hali Karla

For me, IGNITE has been about getting down to the very essence of who I am, peeling back those layers, and rediscovering and reacquainting with what my innate natural gifts are in this world… IGNITE has given me the fuel and tools to make my teaching and my creative business visions tangible, do-able, REAL in my life.

Lucy Jordan

Lucy Jordan

I feel like I have grown hugely as an Artist and accepting myself as an Artist.  Now I can say it and I really feel it and I’m proud to say it.  I feel like my spiritual life is much more important than it has been for a long time…I feel like I am following my path! And since IGNITE has come into my life I have found a real tangible way to combine art and healing and I’m starting to believe in myself that I can do it! Plus I have learned an unbelievable amount of technical knowledge— I could barely write an email before IGNITE and now I’m making videos and presentations.  I’m astonished by how much I’ve learned.  The standard is very high in IGNITE.


Sara Skowbo

I went into IGNITE with this vision of what I might experience. It was a grand and lofty vision, but looking back, it was quite small compared to the incredible journey that IGNITE has been! The growth and the self realization I have gained through this class is so valuable to me. I feel like a completely different person now than when I began but not because I have changed, because I have stripped away the false guards I put up and am becoming who I really am at my deepest level. I’m gaining the confidence and trust in myself to become the teacher I am meant to be. Connie does an amazing job as she guides you through this experience, holds space for your growth, and supports you through the whole process.

Deanna Jinjoe

For me personally IGNITE has meant power. Power to take action and bring my ideas into form so that I can then empower others.

Michelle Geoffrey

Michelle Geoffroy

Through IGNITE I have reconnected with my creativity, reconnected with my spirituality, and I have reconnected with myself as an artist in a way that I haven’t since I was a kid…I’ve gained a lot of confidence and the greatness work has been really powerful for me to shift my perspective.

Kristi Kennell

Kristi Kennell

I am very grateful for my intuitive decision to join IGNITE. I knew from the beginning IGNITE had plans for me and it gave me my voice, the strength to tell my story and not be afraid. It brought me new Soul Groupies, beauties to share inspiration, share joys and share tears with…Since I came into IGNITE I am more confidant as an artist and to say it out loud. I now have a desire to show my work and share with others the healing behind art. I know that the words of my own story are the strongest and most powerful in creating anything I put forth through Kristi Kennell Studios.


Ina Naar

When I first signed up for IGNITE I had no idea what was going to come.  I knew I had to go through this journey.  I trusted.  I now feel more in alignment with who I am. I feel more confident about what I am here to bring into the world and to be who I am.  

Kate Elliot

IGNITE awakened my deep Artist; it asked me to become the fullest expression of my creative Self and gave me tools to support that vision. 

Nicole Edgecombe

Because of IGNITE I now have the confidence, skills and tools to pursue that artist life I have been dreaming of and a supportive tribe too!

Penn Gregory

IGNITE helped me gain a clearer understanding of my practice, moving on from the limbo where I began the course into a world of new creative possibility.


Christine Coffee

Christine Coffee

Since IGNITE came into my life I have really stepped into owning myself as an Artist and owning myself as a spiritual person in my own way.  I am taking with me a lot of skills, confidence, and a lot of self love.  

Stacie Bebber

Stacie Bebber

Since IGNITE came into my life I have become aware of and more connected to my process as an Artist and how to use that to my benefit…I’ve become engaged with deeper and richer facets of myself and my art.  It’s really been an incredible five months.  You learn so much about yourself and it changes your perspective and carries over to all areas of your life.  

Louise St Germain

Louise St Germain

I started IGNITE with some trepidation – am I going to fit in? Will it be worth all the time and money I’m about to put into it? Am I going to come out of this with better teaching skills, and a better idea of who I am as a teacher? IGNITE hasn’t been an easy path, and I can’t say I have answers to all the questions I’ve been asking myself. However, it’s been invaluable to be able to face all these questions about who I am as an artist and teacher, surrounded by an incredibly supportive and talented group of women who are also doing soul-searching in various ways, as they also journey through IGNITE.  With this program, I’ve learned a lot about myself that I may not have otherwise. I’ve also learned more about what it means to be an artist, teacher, student, and friend. Throughout all this, Connie has been there for me and for the group, making sure we have the tools to be successful as we journey forward. It has been an enriching experience overall, and one that I would recommend if you are serious about teaching and making a difference in both your life and in others.

Kelly Diemond

Kelly Diemond

I absolutely love IGNITE and feel like it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It’s given me the confidence to start putting myself out there: making and selling my artwork, teaching art classes, collaborating with other artists…it’s expanding my world exponentially-just as I’d hoped.  

Christine Graziano

Christine Graziano

IGNITE = Discovery & Light.  Wisdom.  Personal Truth. Determination.  Commitment.  Thoughts of Service & Practice.  Joy.  Life Lodestones & Devotion.  Dreaming.  Moving.  Flourishing.  Beauty.  Moments.  Digging.  Reaching.  Creating.  LOVE.  

Painting on the floor

The IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership Expectations (Please read before committing to IGNITE!)

  • Expect to RECEIVE A LIFE CHANGING PROCESS that will transform the way you live and work as an artist, but the COURAGE and MOTIVATION to actually implement and apply what you learn in a real tangible way can NOT be taught and will have to ultimately come from you. 
  • Expect that when you commit to IGNITE you are EMBRACING YOUR SOUL WORK in this world, and when you make this kind of commitment you can expect that the Universe will have a curriculum of its own lined up for you as well! Expect that things are going to challenge your commitment — both in the content and format of IGNITE as well as in your personal day-to-day. But expect that you will make it through and that Life is always happening for you — not to you. Expect to be supported, even on those days when you can’t feel your feet firmly on the Earth. 
  • Expect between 4-6 HOURS OF WORK A WEEK MINIMUM to review and read the content, complete assignments, journal, check in with your peers, and commit to your own creative practice. To fulfill this it’s crucial you schedule time each week devoted to IGNITE and call in any support you may need to do so — such as a babysitter, new daily routines, someone to help with cooking or other responsibilities, and most especially time to take care of YOU. 
  • Expect the FORMAT OF IGNITE TO BE FEMININE IN NATURE. Even though Connie is guiding the journey, expect that every artist in IGNITE plays an important role in the growth and learning for themselves and every artist present. This can make some of us feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable since many of us are used to taking online courses for having the liberty to be anonymous and sink into the background. In IGNITE you are expected to be an active, visible participant. It is mandatory that you attend the 90 minute Group Mentoring Calls that happen every other Thursday at 10am PDT / 1pm EST. Expect to strengthen your leadership skills by practicing shining your light in a safe supportive environment that’s wild about nurturing your growth with compassion.  Expect that if you do not honor this commitment your membership to IGNITE will be terminated without refund. 
  • Expect to TREAT EACH OF THE 4 MAIN ASSIGNMENTS AS YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL OFFERING to the world. In IGNITE we view each deadline as a launch date and your peers become your clients anxiously waiting to receive the workshop they signed up for! We learn how to craft a sustainable business not by talking about it but by actually practicing it. Expect to be a leader from the get-go.
 All deadlines in IGNITE are requirements, fail to fulfill the requirements may result in termination of your IGNITE membership without refund.
  • Expect to CREATIVELY COLLABORATE WITH OTHER ARTISTS, some who may even be in a different time zone or different country than you. Expect that they have been called to IGNITE to serve you on your own path. How freaking awesome is that!? 
  • Expect that every Artist in IGNITE believes that there’s a greater Creative Source orchestrating this beautiful thing called Life, no matter how they define, honor, or name it. Our whole purpose for this year long Intensive is to ALIGN OURSELVES WITH CREATIVE SOURCE and to clear the path for it to flow freely. 
  • Expect to FOCUS RUTHLESSLY ON YOUR GREATNESS, your gifts, your talents, and your passions, and NOT on trying to fix, change, disguise, or manipulate who, how, or what you are. IGNITE is about love, love, love and more love. 

 Your payment acts as agreement to these expectations. Please purchase with care and consideration.

The next session of IGNITE begins January 3, 2019.

Registration will open in late July 2018.

Because IGNITE requires a sincere commitment and space is highly limited, there is a no refund policy.
If you decide to quit, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance within 72 hours of quitting.
Membership in IGNITE is non-transferable.




6 Payments of $590


12 Payments of $300

Please read the refund and cancellation policy below before purchasing.  Your payment acts as your agreement to these terms.

IGNITE Cancellations, Refunds, & Failed Payment Policy

To protect the integrity of the IGNITE process and insure that everyone in IGNITE receives the best experience possible the following policies are lovingly but firmly held to support your transformation.  Your payment acts as agreement to these terms.

Because IGNITE requires a sincere commitment and space is limited to only 16 artists, there is a no refund policy.  If you decide to quit at any time, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance within 72 hours of quitting.   Membership in IGNITE is non-transferable.

Failed payments will result in a $20 fee and your membership in IGNITE will be suspended until payment is received.  If payment is not received within 72 hours your membership in IGNITE will be terminated and the remaining balance will be due immediately.

After making your purchase Connie will email you within 48 business hours with a welcome email and a link to a registration form.  When your registration form is complete and reviewed by Connie your membership in IGNITE will be confirmed.  Everyone who feels a strong calling to join IGNITE is welcomed — the registration form is to help Connie get to know your intentions and background.

From My Heart To Yours

Hi! I’m Connie Solera, founder and facilitator of the IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership.  With over 25+ years of teaching art and facilitating transformation professionally, I have built a thriving, heart guided business that supports my whole family, based completely on my own passions, innate talents, and by fully embracing the ideals of Feminine leadership: intuition, collaboration, creativity, trust, transparency, integrity, compassion, and holistic thinking.  Since 2012 I’ve been openly sharing my life’s work in my IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership and IGNITE In-Person Immersion with the mission to empower women artists to powerfully guide others through the creative process, hold sacred space, facilitate transformation and foster sustainable business practices.

If you are an artist with a deep desire to serve others with your creativity, a wild interest in transforming your passions into sustainability, and believe that NOW is a ripe and ready time to move forward on your dreams….then IGNITE is the program for you.

Feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any questions or things you wish to discuss — I look forward to hearing from you!

Photos taken by Darrah Parker & Connie Solera at past IGNITE In-Person Immersions and various Dirty Footprints Studio retreats