Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 5 :: Limit Yourself

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 5 :: Limit Yourself

Welcome To Day Five of Art Journal Wisdom!

In 2014, to celebrate 21 SECRETS going strong for five beautiful years, we hosted a pretty awesome workshop at the beginning of the year called 21 SECRETS LIVE!

Basically for 23 weeks every Wednesday we met with a different 21 SECRETS artist for a live streaming workshop.

It was addictive!!

Believe me.  I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to come just to see what fun was in store.

Plus, what made it even sweeter is that my dear friends Hali Karla and Lisa Wilson were co-hosts as well.  Each of them brought their own special creative sensitivities and light to this workshop.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be hosting another 21 SECRETS LIVE! for quite awhile.

21 SECRETS LIVE! closed on June 11th with a finale show hosted by Lisa, Hali, and myself.   Each of us suggested one element that everyone (including us) were required to use in their art journal.  We were really excited to see how many different ways  these elements could be expressed differently.



Today I invite you to gather together your favorite art journal supplies along with the three elements each of us suggested and give this fun exercise a try.

Plus, you are welcome to watch our finale show as well! Not only do you get to watch as Lisa, Hali, and I art journal live — we also share with you an intimate look into our own art journals.

Pretty inspiring stuff!

So grab the elements listed above and hit play on the Spreecast video below.

Also, don’t forget to share your work on social media using the hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom.  We would love to see what magic you create from limiting yourself too!


Artist : Connie Solera
Artist: Hali Karla
Artist:  Angela Kowitz Orobko
Artist: Sally-Ann Garrett
Artist: Briana Goetzen
Artist: Dru Nordmark
Artist: Sandra Mathews