21 SECRETS Conversations with Amanda Fall

21 SECRETS Conversations with Amanda Fall

I think for most artists the vulnerability that comes with being an artist is a delicate dance between the need to be seen and the need to burrow inward and hide.

In today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations, Amanda Fall eloquently and courageously shares her own dance with vulnerability that has shaped her artist journey and helped her craft her beautiful workshop: Keep True: The Compass of You in 21 SECRETS Fall.

This is one of those Conversations that an introduction will do it no justice — you just need to trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this one.

To learn more about Amanda and her indie magazine: The Phoenix Soul please CLICK HERE.

And if you’re new to 21 SECRETS Conversations be sure to dive into the archives HERE.

With so much love, I bring you 21 SECRETS Conversations with Amanda Fall…


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