Let’s Get Loosey Goosey

One of the main intentions behind my current Oil & Water workshop in 21 SECRETS Just Add Water is to help artists get loosey goosey when it comes to creating.

Think about it…tensing up, worrying about getting it right, pretty, or perfect eats up sooo much damn energy.

Creativity needs an open channel. An easy way to clear the pipes is by simply inviting play into our practice.

But oh my goodness! Mention play to a busy adult and they’ll be the first to track down the nearest load of laundry or stack of bills to pay.

So before you start chipping away at your own endless to-do list, let me enlighten you on how artists have been disguising play as work for centuries: paint sketches.

Simple. Easy. Fun. Fast. Wildly inspiring. Sometimes frustrating. Who-knows-what-will-happen. Paint sketches.

There’s loads of ways to approach sketching. Many sketching techniques involve taking the time to see something and strengthening that hand-eye relationship into a slow, sexy tango.

That’s not where we’re going today.

Instead, let’s tie on our loose bikinis and shove the skin tight water suits back into the closet.

These paint sketches are about letting it all hang out.

From the moment I begin with an oil pastel in hand till my last final mark, I just keep the energy moving. I let things jiggle, wiggle, and even become a full on mess.

Sometimes what appears is fabulous and I go on thinking I’m queen of my art empire.  Other times I consider using my paint sketch for kindling.

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

The whole point of paint sketches is to get out of our heads and into the flow. 

Today I just wanted to give you a peek at some of my most recent paint sketches in hope they will inspire you to loosen up, think colorfully, and play a little.

I also want to remind you that there’s still time to join me and twenty other talented teachers in 21 SECRETS Summer Studios.  Together we are sharing daily short, inspiring, mini-lessons that will keep you in the creative flow and mix some delicious play into your practice.

Plus, don’t forget — if anyone (and that’s including yourself!) gives you a hard time for playing — just kindly remind them that these are paint sketches. Big important,VERY SERIOUS, paint sketches.

Hey! There’s still room to join me for a FEARLESS Painting adventure in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico this January!

Early Bird Sale ends July 1st — come grab your space.

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