Welcome To 21 SECRETS!

I, Connie Solera, founded 21 SECRETS in the Spring of 2010 with a dream of gathering artists online to elevate creativity and share the fun of art journaling and mixed media with others. Since then over 200+ artists have joined the 21 SECRETS teaching team and together we have served  thousands of creatives worldwide.

Because all the content in 21 SECRETS comes in a downloadable eBook to keep and refer back to for a lifetime, 21 SECRETS has become a trusted resource for inspiration, learning, and artistic growth.

At 21 SECRETS we are proud to be the first online workshop of its kind, as well as a warm community of generous artists. We believe that art journaling heightens creativity, fosters healing, and spreads joy and it is our mission is to make quality art journaling instruction accessible and affordable.

Below you will find information on our current and upcoming editions — come join us!


21 SECRETS Summer Studios is a brand new program launching in July 2018 to inspire and support artists in keeping their art-journaling practice fresh, fun, and totally do-able throughout the busy Summer season!

In 21 SECRETS Tell Your Story we explore art journaling as a tool for documenting and processing the multi-layered stories of our lives.

In 21 SECRETS emBODY our one and only body becomes our source for art journaling inspiration, creativity, and fun.

In 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques we experiment with a variety of tools and techniques intended to enhance your art journaling practice.

In 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color we saturate our art journals with a variety of lessons designed to use color with confidence and joy.

In 21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 we’ve welcomed back
37 amazing workshops to create one powerful program!

Look What’s Coming Out Next!

21 SECRETS plans on making 2018 extra juicy! Here’s what’s cooking…

21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors

COMES OUT OCTOBER 29TH  |  In 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors 21 talented teachers share their secrets to how they use paper, glue, and scissors creatively! Everything from traditional collage principles to more experimental approaches will be explored. Things are going to get sticky — we can’t wait!

Comes out October 29th

21 SECRETS Is A Work Of Love By…

Connie Solera

Phoenix, Arizona USA

Connie Solera, the artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur behind Dirty Footprints Studio is best known for painting FEARLESS® and guiding women artists to do the same! Through workshops, retreats, and eCourses, Connie’s mission is to support women artists in crafting creative lives full of meaning, wonder, and beauty. In 2010 Connie founded 21 SECRETS to spread the magic of art journaling worldwide.


Tonia Jenny

Creative Director & Course Manager
Phoenix, Arizona USA 

When she’s not immersed in the joy of her work with Dirty Footprints Studio, Tonia Jenny supports creatives in the process of sharing their messages of inspiration with others. Prior to owning her own editorial, writing and life-coaching business, Tonia enjoyed her adventure as a North Light editor for over a decade. Passionate seeker and “sacred maker,” she never grows tired of learning from the talented artists with whom she adores working.


Quinn Tempest

Phoenix, Arizona USA

Quinn Tempest is a digital strategist and designer based in Downtown Phoenix. She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their brand to life online through a combination of creative marketing, strategic design, and a sprinkle of big brand magic. She is a also a frequent and highly rated speaker, presenting on a range of marketing and entrepreneurship topics at conferences and organizations around the country.


Teacher Directory

300+ Teachers

Since 2010 over 300+ artists have shared their creative insight, enthusiasm, and talent in the 21 SECRETS programs. Come check out the teacher directory to learn who they are and visit their websites too!


Do you love mixed media and art journaling? Are you passionate about guiding others through the creative process powerfully? Do you have a unique perspective as an artist? Than we want to hear from YOU.