21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015


Art by 21 SECRETS teachers: Jane Cunningham, Galia Alena, and Päivi Eerola.

Introducing a very special edition of 21 SECRETS—The Best of 2014 & 2015!

In 2014 and 2015, previous Creative Directors, Connie Solera and Hali Karla gathered together so many innovative and inspiring teachers and workshops that we felt it was way past time to share many of them with you again!

The wisdom, highly-charged inspiration and loving instruction from these teachers is as valuable today as it was with its original release.

So with great joy we’ve gathered together 37 workshops from the Spring and Fall 2014 and 2015 editions to create a well-rounded, power-packed collection.  In this 21 SECRETS you will find instruction on everything from collage, gelli prints, transfers, how to face the blank page, tips on creating a daily creative habit, and much, much more!

Plus, as always, 21 SECRETS is yours to keep and work on at your own pace, so these 37 workshops will make the perfect studio resource for years to come.

21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 is on sale now with immediate access! Come join us!

Art by 21 SECRETS teachers: Karen Michel, Lisa Hofmann, Faith Evans Sills, & DeAnne Olguin Williamson.

What Is 21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015?

21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 is a 300+ page downloadable eBook with 45+ hours of videos, full colored photos, templates, and clear instruction that will guide you through various mixed media lessons and art journaling adventures — AND ALL CONTENT IS YOURS TO KEEP!

You will receive:

  • A downloadable 300+ page eBook that contains 37 art journaling workshops packed with 45+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep. These workshops were originally released in the 21 SECRETS 2014 or 2015 editions that have since been retired.
  • Unlimited access to all workshops at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and when. There is no time limit or deadlines to meet — these workshops are yours to keep!
  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Facebook community where you can share, be inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback. 
  • The opportunity to learn a variety of mixed media techniques and approaches from the comfort of your home/studio. Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010! At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart!

21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 Is Available Now!

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Art by 21 SECRETS teachers: Julianna Coles & Jennibellie.

Here Are The 37 Workshops In 21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015


Carolyn Dube

Freedom from Fear

with Carolyn Dube

Join me as I share ways to play without any fear or judgment while creating, including how to get past the intimidation of the blank page, how to thwart the fear that rises up after you’ve started, and how to find the freedom in the imperfections.

Beautiful Layered Backgrounds with a Gelli Plate

with Carolyn Dube

Building up rich layers looks complex, but it is really very simple with the Gelli Plate! Not a drop of paint is wasted as you quickly create depth and detail with color, building up layers for rich background papers. These papers are a great place to start an art journal page and can be used in conjunction with all your art journaling talents and techniques. If you are brand new to the Gelli Plate, no problem! I’ll introduce you and tell you all the ins and outs including how I care for mine, what papers to use and what types of paints to use. I’ll give you a hint: I use what I have on hand!

Flying by VFR

with Carrie Todd

VFR “A set of visual flight rules to follow, even though you can see where you are going”

As creatives, we embrace the new — the edge — and coloring outside the lines. If we didn’t, art would never evolve. But even though we should always push the boundaries, there are rules to follow if we want our creations to “work”.

Now, these are guidelines, not hardlines, so there is always room to get creative, but they serve a purpose. And though not earth-shattering, these proven methods will give your pages a dynamic they would not otherwise have.

In this lesson, we will build a journal spread using some of these simple tips Because even though we can see where we are going, we still need to have those “visual flight rules” handy.

Carrie Todd
Catherine Anderson

Media Remix

with Catherine Anderson

Hidden in the printed pages in your recycling bin is a treasure house of journal material. Together we’ll create a stockpile of one-of-a-kind journal page backgrounds, transfers, silhouettes, embellishments and more to use in your visual art journal. Never again will you fear the blank page knowing you have these resources at hand!

Silhouette Transfer and Glaze

with Cathy Bluteau

In this workshop, we will apply several techniques to make a wooden cradle panel silhouette. You can choose your own silhouette of a friend, family member or even yourself. To embellish the silhouette we will first collage the pieces, transfer the silhouette image and then apply a glaze of color over the piece. These techniques can be applied in many ways and on many surfaces so you can use them over and over again!

Cathy Bluteau
Connie Solera & Opal Keen

Heart Opening

with Connie Solera & Opal Keen

Good friends Connie Solera and Opal Keen are co-hosting this Heart Opening workshop, where together they will guide you through a gentle yoga nidra practice, a sweet heart meditation, and a beautiful art journaling experience intended to open your heart and help lift the weight of the world so that you can shine like the radiant Soul that you are. No experience with either yoga or art journaling is required. Simply come with a willingness to open your heart, a yoga mat or comfortable place to lay, and an art journal. We’ll do all the rest!

Your Creative Habit

with Crystal Moody

They say “you’ll never change your life until you change something that you do daily.” A daily creative habit has changed my life. I’ll show you how to make art journaling a daily habit for you. First, we’ll prep for success. Then we’ll look at triggers, beginning rituals and habit chains. Finally, we’ll recognize the power in sharing your work. This little creative habit will surprise you in the best possible ways.

Crystal Moody
David R. Modler & Eric M. Scott

Rethinking the Page: Creating Interaction and Connection Within Your Journal

with David R. Modler and Eric M. Scott

The Journal Fodder Junkies guide you through an open process that will transform your mundane journal pages into surprising, interacting, and secret-filled spaces. Using an arsenal of prompts, techniques, and ideas, David and Eric take you on a journey that will have you delving and discovering, painting and writing, cutting and ripping as you transform the static surface of your pages into dynamic places filled with cutouts, fold-outs, flaps, pockets, hidden spaces and secret passages. This workshop focuses on the use of prompts to guide you through a creative process that will have you engaging and transforming your pages in a whole new way.


with DeAnne Olguin Williamson

Soulidarity is all about creating art journal pages that come from your soul. Real personal expression happens when you get out of your head and start creating from your heart. In order to do this, you need to stay spontaneous, not think too much and follow your impulses without judgment. You will get prompts and techniques that will help you stay focused on the process of impromptu, unplanned creation.Soulidarity will teach you to follow the creative journey your soul wants to take rather than lead it.

DeAnne Olguin Williamson
Effy Wild

Effy’s Sweet Trash Art Journal

with Effy Wild

Turn a $2 Composition Notebook into an awesome art journal. Includes instruction to alter the book to suit art journaling, reinforcing the book so it stands up to lots of layers, decorating the cover, and creating the first art journal spread from start to finish.

Layered Painted Mandalas

with Faith Evans Sills

As an artist I use Mandala making within my painting practice as a creative and meditative tool, to access my deepest self and to fuel the creative fire that lies within me. Crafting these arrangements, layering a variety of shapes and textures, then painting my Mandalas is mostly about bringing myself into a calm state of mind that is open to creation.

I call them Mandalas, following the ancient tradition of using concentric circular patterns as a method of orientation, a spiritual practice, and a connection to the cosmic harmonies of the universe.

In this workshop, I’ll give you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own layered mandala paintings. We’ll begin with a few exciting layering techniques, exploring collage, paint washes, layering with stencils and silkscreens to create a rich ground full of expressive energy and balance. You will add delicious textural layers and personal flair as you introduce all of these techniques into your painting. Then I’ll show you the techniques that I use to paint my Mandalas. You’ll learn skills that you’ll be able to use again and again to jump into your own mandala painting practice.

Faith Evans Sills
Fonda Clark Haight


with Fonda Clark Haight

Soulstories is all about creating from that intuitive place we all have within us. We all have original, personal stories that we would like to access and convey in our art. However, it’s easy to run into trouble when it comes to expressing them. Soulstories will help you overcome those obstacles and get your story out onto your journal page using archetypal thought processes, tips, and techniques that make it easy to access that part of you that needs to be heard. Most people are surprised at what is waiting to be said.


with France Papillon

I want to start this journey by offering you a transparent look into the four-letter secret word of the very roots ofmy techniques. From there, serendipity and transparency will allow ustoput emotions on paperin color, shape, texture and words, aswe work out several art journaling pages. Telling our own story, wewill look athowwe consciously influence the evolution ofour spreads and how they influence us back.

We will combine our finished spreads into a booklet that comes with an invitation and inspiration to be used daily for a while in a specific, transparendipity way!

France Papillon
Galia Alena

Claiming Our Mythos

with Galia Alena

Each of us has many stories—our personal mythology—stories we frame our lives and our identities through. In Claiming our Mythos we will unveil one of our own life’s narratives through the sacred practice of intuitive and intentional art journaling. Through collage, journal writing, doodling, painting, and just about anything else that wants to come through you, we will reframe our personal mythos into powerful expressions of transformation.

Spirit Taking Form: A Watercolor Practice

with Gina Lee Kim

Making art is a dynamic form of keeping a spiritual practice. One of the most beautiful aspects of watercolor is how welcoming and accessible it is. Who knew that simply swirling pigments with water would cultivate a deeper, inward journey of creativity, imagination, and playfulness. I believe the power of entering this magical state (aka flow) is within every one of us.

In this workshop, I will guide you through what I call the six stages of creating a watercolor painting—Courage, Curiosity, Compassion, Connection, Completion, and Contemplation. Each step employs a specific watercolor technique that embraces a universal philosophy. So whether you’re painting in your studio or navigating the outside world, itis all a sacred act. So come join me! P.S. there might be some incredible prismatic explosion of color involved.

Gina Lee Kim
Jamie Ridler

Seven Soul Symbols

with Jamie Ridler

We each have our own personal symbols—the archetypes, shapes, animals, guides—that hold a deeper meaning, a message beyond the literal. We find these images appearing again and again in our imagination, weaving themselves into our stories and our dreams. In this workshop, you’ll explore seven of your core soul symbols, inviting them more deeply into your creative expression and into your life!

Succor: Haven for Your Inner Child

with Jane Cunningham

This workshop connects you to your inner child—that beautiful part of yourself who holds your childhood memories, the joys, and longings—the child part of you that longs to be heard. In this workshop, we will do a visualization to meet your inner child, make a model to honor her and then create a place for her to play. This will offer her a chance to speak up for the things she wants and needs. We will engage our imagination, paint, collage, explore and engage with our tender heart to strengthen and shine.


with Jane Cunningham

In this busy world, we are encouraged to spread ourselves too thin, stretch ourselves too far, do too many things all at once. Sometimes we feel like the pieces of ourselves are scattered far and wide. Sometimes we can feel lonely for ourselves. In Restore we reach into the unconscious mind using symbol and image. The simple technique we will explore can have a profound impact on us, encouraging us to reclaim our wholeness and remember that we were never really broken at all.

Jane Cunningham

Affirmation Artistry

with Jennibellie

This is a Creative Critic Conquering Workshop. We will create affirmation art desk journals to banish our individual blocks to creativity.

Looking In: Self-Exploration Through Art Journaling

with Jennifer Joanou

In this process-oriented, intermediate-level workshop, we will explore the questions that help us find out who we are and who we want to be. I will provide prompts that will get you writing in your journal. Then, using mixed-media techniques with paint, paper, pens, pencils, stamps, stencils and more, we will create layers, much like we are made of many layers, to express ourselves creatively. In addition to the mixed-media techniques, I will share some ways to incorporate your unique lettering into your spread. This time is for you; it is a safe place to make mistakes, try new things and experiment with your creativity.

Jennifer Joanou
Jill Berry

Map to Happy

with Jill Berry

Maps tell us about ourselves and our relationship to the world. In this workshop, you will make your way from where you are now to your ultimate place of Happiness. What would you see along the way? What words and images would move you forward and enrich your journey? This map will be full of textures, layers, journaling techniques plus mapmaking tricks and traditions.

Personal Tarot Icons

with Joanna Powell Colbert

The Tarot hasbeen called a “bookof wisdom”or a sacred text. Its timeless wisdom hasbeen interpreted by thousands of artists in countless styles and mediums. Playing with tarot cards isoneofmy favorite ways to receive guidance, to listen tomy own deep wisdom, andto create change inmy life.

A religious or spiritual icon is a portrait of a holy figure that is used as a focus for devotion, and that embodies the energy of the figure it represents. The tarot is full of such figures—priestesses, queens, shamans, fools, and every animal under the sun.

In this workshop, we will do several exercises to discover one particular tarot card that is personal to you, through numerological, astrological, and intuitive methods. You will write a poem or prayer based on the card you choose, that expresses your deepest longings and dreams. The card and poem will set the theme for a collage piece in your art journal, or one you might want to frame and hang on your wall. We’ll use paint, tissue paper, a color copy of your card, ink, oil pastels, stamps, and more to create a personal Tarot Icon that not only expresses something about who you are at this moment in time but also acts as a guiding light to lead you on.

(You will need a tarot deck —any tarot deck — for this workshop. No previous tarot experience necessary!)

Joanna Powell Colbert
Julianna Coles

Setting the Stage: Internal Monologues with Extreme Visual Journaling

with Julianna Coles

Extreme Visual Journaling is a creative process that focuses on creating internal dialogues between known and unknown aspects of self. There are many voices inside with conflicting messages: who are these voices, why are they acting out, and what do they want from us? How can we create allies out of these enemies within? By combining words with imagery learn to create a meaningful encounter with inner dualities, retrieve some unlived life and potential, and access inner gold.

Places everyone, places! We begin this workshop by uncovering some of the opposites within. Next, in the form of monologue writing (yes, just like in the theater) we give these characters a voice. Our goal is not to be great writers, but to uncover information- this is just research. Unique to each one of us, these characters, actors on our stage of life, sometimes calling the shots whether we want them to or not, will assist in our visual journaling practice. They have much to tell us about the unlived life.

Setting the Stage: we use journal writing in this particular Visual Journaling exercise to get at inside information. We also use journal writing to help us set up our page (the stage). We then layer with my mixed-media assignments that facilitate freedom of expression with an emphasis on process, as opposed to product. In this way, without thought, without planning, we give our characters form; we bring them to life. The final act of this unique and multi-layered Extreme Visual Journaling assignment is Reconciliation, where we bring everything together for deeper meaning, transformation and healing.

Every step of this workshop is outlined in great detail from choosing a book to preparing the stage of a page, to what is journal writing and how and why do we do it, to creative image making and mixed-media tools all the way through to Reconciliation. In full color my sections and video I will explain all of my terms that are unique to my process and as Director, guide you every step of the way. The underworld is my domain.

Traveling where others fear to tread is my daily journey and part of my life purpose. We’ll do this gently, easily. You will surprise yourself by looking into the shadow and finding the beauty in the darkest recesses of your soul. Carl Jung stated that we do not find enlightenment by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Dim the lights. Exit, Stage Right.

Photo Journaling: Documenting the Journey

with Karen Michel

In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, photography has never before been as accessible as it now is. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of ways of integrating our photos of our life’s journey and adventures into our art journals. We will take them off the screen and bring them into a tangible, meaningful form where they will serve as visual reminders of moments captured forever. These can be personal images of your loved ones, travel imagery, everyday adventures, or inspirational references. The mixed media techniques we’ll explore will transcend multiple purposes, extending outside of the art journal as well!

Karen Michel
Kate Robertson

Animal Totems: Discovering Your Animal Guides

with Kate Robertson

In this workshop, we will meet our animal totems, those unseen animals that guide us. Drawing on Native American, Celtic, Norse and Aboriginal wisdom, I’ll lead you on a journey to discovering one of your own animal guides. From there, we’ll explore animal wisdom and reveal ways of bringing that experience into your art journal. Through the use of collage, painting, stenciling and much more, we’ll create pages that honor this special connection. This workshop will include a guided meditation and various resources for understanding animal wisdom.

Spilling Your Heart

with Kristal Norton

Everything we need to create meaningful art journal pages is right within us. Transformative art journaling happens when you get out of your head, listen to your intuition, and find your rhythm – without judgment, without comparison. In Spilling Your Heart, I’ll guide you through an exercise to connect you with your true creative self by fully letting go and allowing rich, expressive, and spontaneous moments form. It’s not the paint, techniques, or words we use that make this art journaling practice powerful: It’s our intention of playful self-discovery so that we may spill our hearts openly onto paper with wild abandon and honor ourselves in the process.

Kristal Norton
Lisa Cheney

The Savage Mirror

with Lisa Cheney

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. ~ Lao Tzu

The savage mirror sees all and will reflect all you wish to reveal or keep hidden. That little wrinkle—argh! Why do I have a wrinkle there!?! The sweet little wrinkle has a story, as an art journalist isn’t it time to give it a voice and share its story, even if it is just between the two of you. Perhaps you have a story that has been kept in your heart that is ready to find a voice, itis part of you and gives you strength. Or perhaps you have a dream that needs to be brought forth, itis there in the mirror, don’t you see it?

Let’s spend time getting to know ourselves, seeing ourselves for who we truly are or where we really want to be.Don’t be intimidated by the thought of having to draw a portrait, we will get around that!! I promise. We come to the mirror to express what is in our hearts, through the use of guided exercises, collage, expressive drawing, painting, and writing. The savage mirror reflects those traits and dreams that the human eye cannot see but are nonetheless obvious when revealed. Beginners and advanced levels are welcome.

Mandala Meditation & Play

with Lisa Hofmann

The mandala is an ancient format utilizing the circle to represent the wholeness of the Universe and our place within it. Spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism utilize the mandala as a meditation aid. More recently, psychoanalyst Carl Jung worked with the mandalas as a form of self-inquiry, facilitating personal growth and discovery.

Creating a mandala can be a soothing and meditative experience. A rich play of symbols, forms, and colors provide valuable insights into subconscious wisdom when we relax and play within the circle format. In this offering, we will explore a variety of ways to create and work with mandalas in both our journals and in daily life. Yoking the mandala with a practice of intention setting, we will examine how to work with the mandala as an aid to self-reflection, mindfulness and inner growth.

Lisa Hofmann
Lesley Riley

A World ofArt

with Lesley Riley

I started collecting quotes long before I ever made any art. Quotes have changed my life. But even a single word (i.e. grace or alchemy) can be the inspiration or motivating force that compels me to create. So much so, that a couple of years ago I gathered over 100 quote-inspired artists to help me illustrate my beloved quote. Together, we created the bestselling book, Inspirational Quotes Illustrated. But even that wasn’t enough!

This Word ofArt journaling class for 21 Secrets is an offshoot of my latest book, Creative Lettering Workshop: Combining Art with Quotes in Mixed Media. I’m sharing my process for finding inspiration with a favorite quote, creating art that reinforces the message and meaning, plus a variety of easy lettering techniques. In this class I’ll also be sharing a few secrets (of course!) on how I combine all three elements into a true Word of Art.


with Maya Stein & Amy Tingle

A playful investigation of the way creative writing supports and enhances the artist’s process. During Food for the Soul Train live classes, we often begin with a prompted creative writing exercise before we start work on a piece of art. The writing opens a different emotional channel, which often allows the artist to access a deeper, more meaningful space before attempting a new technique. The writing nourishes and inspires the art. We see this particular kind of work as an extension of our own collaboration and have found that the interplay between the art and writing is fluid as one flows into the other. During this workshop, we will practice using short pieces of prompted creative writing to influence our artwork.

Maya Stein & Amy Tingle
Michelle Turbide

Communicating with the Ancestors

with Michelle Turbide

If only we could go back generations—generations of generations—through the lineage of time and sit at the feet of our grandmother’s grandmother. She would pass down to usher most intimate secrets and wise words as we listen intently to her tales. This experience is available to us as we tap into creative source because our lineage resides in our bones, blood, and cells, as well as our imaginations. All we need to do is connect.

Art journaling can provide an experience of channeling information, wisdom, and messages that the ancestors have to offer. This journaling workshop will take a mindful journey into meeting a storyteller of your ancestral line, create sacred space to invoke her through the engagement of creativity and build a connection to her wisdom. We will summon her into our journal page to tell us a story and invite her to give us the messages that we need to receive. Listening to her tales, we will weave into more recent ancestors using photo transfers, symbolism, mixed media, and meaningful ephemera.

The Story Within a Story

with Nathalie Kalbach

For me, art journaling is visual story-telling. It might not be a story that everyone can read but I can read it and that is all that counts. All my stories consist of many viewpoints and layers—thoughts, emotions and the story itself. I love to express the complexity of a story by building up layers and dimension through various techniques and texture.

In this workshop, I would like to walk with you through my art-journaling process. I will show you various layering techniques and I will tell you why and how I am doing what I am doing. Join me in telling a creative story within a story.

Nathalie Kalbach
Päivi Eerola

Artistic Embroidery with Pens & Paper

with Päivi Eerola

Let the long history of textiles show up in your art journal! For hundreds of years, people have created textile art to express themselves. In this workshop, we will discover ways to imitate embroidery and quilting using paint, pen and paper! No actual sewing needed!

We will find inspiration from various stitches and techniques like crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery and modern patchwork. These art journal pages don’t only make you feel warm and welcomed, but also let you express the luxury only handmade can offer. After the workshop, you will look at family heirlooms in a new way!

Inner Art Expedition

with Petrea Hansen-Adamidis

Learn some simple yet powerful ways to tap into your inner creative fire using nature. Many times our inner critics try to trick us into thinking that we don’t have a unique creative voice, yet we all have one.The real trick is tapping into it with your own creativity so that it is not overshadowed by doubt or a drive to be like others.

Creative Inspiration comes from within. But many of us feel cut off from our creative side so we seek it outside of ourselves. Through the intermingling of art journaling and nature’s wisdom, you will uncover your one-of-a-kind artist self that lurks within.

Let nature be a stepping stone to beginning your own creative art journaling practice.

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis
Rachel Ellen Andrews

Glorious Goddess

with Rachel Ellen Andrews

Are you ready to reconnect with, reclaim and release your inner goddess? Through guided meditation and some of my favorite art-journaling techniques, I will guide you into creating your own Goddess pages. Using paint, mixed media, collage (and whatever else you have!) we will connect to the abundant flow ofthe Universe and let the Goddess guide our hands!

Dream Voyages

with Rachel Urista

Come with me as we journey into our dreamscapes. Recreate dream-like worlds, those mythical, magical, spiritual places we visit in daydreams and journeys; both waking and sleeping. We’ll use antiquing methods to create a vintage and celestial setting for your dreams to be expressed in this realm! Also in this workshop, we will discuss image selection and how we can capture synchronicities and symbols in our lives while opening up to their messages. I will guide you through my method of symbolic writing and prompt you todo stream of consciousness writing based on your image selection.

Using tea-staining techniques, we’ll create a personal scroll for you to attach to your pages where they create a unique space for storing and exploring messages.

Rich with symbolism, color, and texture, I will guide you through a playful dance and voyage through our dream worlds.

Rachel Urista
Veronica Funk

Connecting with Your Wild Spirit

with Veronica Funk

I previously had the privilege of working on a year-long labor of love titled the 52 WEEKS PROJECT and in that time paid attention to nature and the wild animals I had connected with in my life. I grew up in a northern Cree community and learned about the importance of animals as messengers who can teach us so many things about ourselves and the world around us. As meditation can help us listen to that still voice inside, these messengers also guide us when we begin to pay attention to our surroundings. Using a few basic art supplies along with a journal and by paying close attention we can find our personal wild spirit guides to help us on our journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 21 SECRETS held? How does it work?

21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 is a 300+ page eBook that you must download and save to your computer/device for unlimited access.  Contained in this eBook are the 37 workshops that are listed above.  The workshops consist of videos, written text, full colored photos, templates, and printables. You can pick and choose which workshops you do and in what order — 21 SECRETS is completely self paced.

Are the videos downloadable too?

The videos are hosted on the Vimeo platform which is totally free to you and YES! The videos are completely downloadable and yours to keep.

Is there a supply list?

There is no master supply list for 21 SECRETS, but each teacher will present you with a supply list at the beginning of their workshop.

Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Petrea Hansen-Adamidis.

What type of technology do I need to enjoy 21 SECRETS fully?

  • A computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. A high-speed connection will help reduce possible frustration.
  • All videos for 21 SECRETS are hosted on Vimeo. Visit HERE for an app designed specifically for viewing Vimeo videos with your device.
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Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Gina Lee Kim.

Do I need previous art experience to feel comfortable in 21 SECRETS?

Nope! Noway! Nada! The beauty of art journaling is that it’s for everyone. All skill levels and backgrounds welcomed.

Are the teachers available to answer questions?

21 SECRETS comes with access to the private Facebook community where many of the teachers can be reached with a simple tag. The teachers are not required to be present in the Facebook group — but the majority of them are and always happy to connect with their students.

I’m an art journal fanatic — will there be new stuff for me to learn in 21 SECRETS?

Absolutely! The teachers in 21 SECRETS are sharing their secrets so you are bound to learn something new — and even if some of the stuff is old hat to you, it never hurts to revisit the basics as an artist!

How can I purchase 21 SECRETS as a gift?

Awww! We love that you want to pass on 21 SECRETS to a friend or loved one — please contact the Dirty Footprints Studio support team HERE and we will get you all set up.

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