Come join me in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color! for


In BOLD we’re going to practice taking creative risks, use color in its rawest form,
and discover new ways of expressing ourselves bravely, colorfully, and most of all BOLD!

Here is one of the pieces I will guide you through in BOLD.

Pull out your brightest paints, dust off your biggest brushes, and take a deep breath…

Because baby, we’re going BOLD. 

We’re gonna ooze paint onto our pages, make marks that scare the gajeebers out of us, and venture into creative messes with just enough curiosity and humor so that no one gets harmed. 

Seriously, this workshop is all about supporting you to be more

BOLD with your color choices.
BOLD with your brush strokes.
BOLD with your expression and the unique way you approach art journaling.
BOLD with how you shine as an artist.
BOLD with how you embrace your messes and honor your creativity!

And the best part is that we’re going to do all of this simply, joyfully, and with a whole lotta yummy juicy paint! Are ya ready? 

Then come join me and 23 other talented teachers in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color!