IGNITE Spotlight | 11 FREE Mini-Workshops | From IGNITE 2018 Graduates

Hello Friend!

One of the most common phrases I say again and again throughout my year long IGNITE Artist Empowerment & Leadership program is teach who you are and share what you know.

The idea that teaching is restricted to a person standing in front of a classroom pouring their knowledge into others does not exist in IGNITE. Instead we believe that teaching is an organic tool that can be applied in many wonderful ways. Teaching can show up as a blog post, a retreat in France, a book that you poured your heart into, a series of paintings around a deep question, an online program, an impromptu lesson on art journaling at the kitchen table, or simply the way you touch others through living your life with meaning and integrity.

In IGNITE we spend one whole year in community sifting through the layers of who we are as artists, what is our innate greatness, and listening closely to the curious callings of our heart. This journey becomes the foundation of our own mission as artists, teachers, and leaders.

Today I am proud to present to you eleven of my 2018 IGNITE graduates that have generously stepped forward to share their mini-workshops they created in IGNITE. Each program was crafted with the intention of serving others through creativity.

What I love most about this IGNITE Spotlight is the diversity of topics and approaches to tapping into one’s creativity. There are no cookie cutter artists in IGNITE. We each stand strong in who we are as artists and we are able to do so — because we stand together.

Connie Solera
Founder & Facilitator of IGNITE

Here are the 11 FREE Workshops in the IGNITE Spotlight


Art on the Road: making art wherever you are

with Eleni Litt

What do you do if you don’t have much time, but still want to make some art or at least play around with some art supplies? Keeping it simple and fun, Eleni will share her ideas and experience making art wherever you are using a simple set of supplies.

Nature-Wisdom: A New Way to Connect with Place

with Eleni Livitsanos

In this workshop you will have a chance to experience a new kind of relationship with the places where you live and play. This workshop is experientially-oriented – it’s meant to be interacted with and lived in your body-experience. You will be given tools to connect to place in new ways and you’ll find suggestions and prompts on how to integrate what you learn into everyday life.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Be guided to connect with your home’s Spirit of Place.
  • Journey and connect to a favorite nature spot. You’ll have an opportunity to ask a question and receive support from Nature-Wisdom.
  • Receive tips on how to continue building and nurturing an ongoing relationship with the spirits of the places you spend time in.

Intuitive Painting – the whispers in our heartspace

with Jac Puntoriero

There is a quiet space that I access when I paint, while life is busy, crazy, sad and scary, all around me, I know when I walk into my studio, pick up my apron, I turn on my music, take a deep breath, and I am there in that space, Its like a little pocket for me It’s a safe place, where I practice courage, there is no right, no wrong. No good or bad. It doesn’t have to make sense, it is where the paint dances, it calls to me, its where I create from my heart space.

In this workshop we will go on a journey, I will introduce you to Intuitive Painting and the one piece of paper project, you will find your quiet place and space, practice courage and take a deep breath, Take a deep breath, lets go listen to the whispers in our Heartspace while we paint, play and have fun.

Scream Shout Layer It Out

with Kaira Boston

When you are wearing so many hats it’s hard to really express yourself because you have so many eyes on you. In this workshop you will be able to freely express yourself in words that need to be let out and then tap into the creativity of expressing them further by covering them with color, texture, collage. You will end up with a visually expressive piece of art but also a clear head that is ready for the next project, connection or play time! No experience in art is necessary as you can use items around the house such as colored pens/pencils, craft paint and other papers around the house as a way to get started.

All of the guidance you need along with reflection in this online workshop and remember you are able to do this in a journal or piece of paper that only you can see so there is safety and confidentiality built right into the process. Come on you know you want to get some stuff off your chest so you can get back to your center and operate from there and this workshop provides just that so I will see you in the pages of the workshop soon, right?

Write Doodle Draw Repeat

with Lisa DeYoung

This little playshop will give you the tools and inspiration to cultivate a fun journaling practice one bite-sized chunk at a time.

It began from my personal practice of penciling my days doings and has evolved into a musings adventure*.

This creative practice helps keep me present to my days; helps me remember; helps me find gratitude; and it has helped me feel more confident as an artist.

This is my intention for you.

Sacred Circles Art Journaling

with Lynne Hudson

Sacred Circles Art Journaling is a creative process that helps people work through the events of the day and settle into a daily practice exploring different art mediums. Using intentional movement on the pages while inviting the unexpected and messy, creates a sacred space within your studio and in your journal. Adding text allows the thoughts of the day to spill out on to the page. Deliberate motions, repetitive shapes and color combine to give artists and non-artists alike a place for reflection and exploration. This seemingly simple meditative practice creates a rich and sacred space in your life and in the pages of your art journal.

Adventures in Wonderland: Getting Started with Live Video

with Marcia Chadly

Fun and adventure are waiting in this light-hearted experience of live videos on Facebook.  This adventure is for you if creating live videos is new, confusing, or frustrating for you. Maybe making live videos isn’t even something that you have thought about trying.

Adventures in Wonderland guides you to create 3 quick and easy live videos, out of sight of your Facebook friends in a closed Facebook group. If you are stressed or worried at all, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You’ve got this!

There are only two things you need as you step into the wonderland of creating heart-centered live videos with this e-course:

  • A Facebook account
  • A Smart phone (or tablet) with Facebook app 

Adventures in Wonderland is self-guided and designed to easily adapt to your schedule. Use the illustrated workbook and accompanying videos to create all three of your videos together in less than two hours or slip them into separate half hour slots.

After you finish the e-course you will know how to:

  • Use Facebook live video controls
  • Show text so that it is readable
  • Choose a flattering position for yourself 

The best part? You’ll leave this bite-sized adventure feeling courageous, empowered, and ready for more adventures. 

Pick Me! Pick Me!

with PJ Lawrence

Have you ever opened your art journal to a blank 2-page spread and felt like you didn’t know where to start?

Or maybe you have this great thought you want to explore, but don’t want to wait for a new background to dry?

Are you inspired by words? Pictures? Both?

Well, one way to get started is to play in an existing book – Altered Book Art Journaling.

In this mini workshop, I’m going to take you on a journey using my first altered book, share some of the lessons I learned, and send you shopping for your own book. I hope you enjoy this journey and will share how a book has called to you, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Painting Through It

with Tabetha Landt

How to use painting as a way to deal with life’s stress, obstacles and frustrations, even if you’ve never painted before!

The Magic Of Backgrounds

with Tami Chacon

Got 20 minutes? I often don’t have large chunks of time to create. Some days I’m lucky to have 20 minutes in my studio. I’ve found some easy techniques to create backgrounds for journals or art pieces using items you probably already have in your house. These techniques can be done in a short amount of time. There is magic in the discovery of what you can create with these simple items. I’m always surprised and excited to see them. Having some backgrounds created and waiting for me help me when I face the BLANK PAGE SYNDROME! I can pull out the background and always find something creative to do with it. Come join me as I show you in short videos these fun and simple techniques! Five easy techniques to create various textures and jumpstart your art! Come PLAY with me!

Foundation for Developing Your Photographic Eye

with Tammy Novak

This mini workshop is designed to help you determine what your eye is attracted to in photographs and how you can begin to incorporate those compositional techniques into your own photography.