Painting The Feminine Spring 2018 Student Show

Welcome to the Painting The Feminine Student Spring Show!

Painting The Feminine is an intimate, personal, and unique experience to each woman that picks up the brush.  No two artists’ paintings will ever look or feel the same. In Painting The Feminine, the thread that weaves us together is a willingness and curiosity to celebrate, heal, and embody Feminine energy through a daily painting practice for four consecutive weeks. Because this process is so personal, no student of the Painting The Feminine eCourse is ever required to display their work publicly.  Instead, only the women who feel deeply called to share their healing works of art with others are encouraged to participate. Please join me in celebrating the 10 Painting The Feminine artists who have boldly stepped forward.

Abigail 1
Abigail 2
Abigail 3


Painting the Feminine has been this amazing reawakening into myself: who I was as a girl, who I am as a woman, and who I will become on my life’s journey.

I have been experiencing some major change and transitions in my life over the past few years, and Painting The Feminine has enabled me to express and release the emotions I have been feeling into creating intuitive, free-flowing art and words, which allows me to step back, take stock, and understand and see who I am, and who my soul is.

Each dab of paint, each splash of colour, each breath I exhale whilst creating art on Painting The Feminine helps me connect more to myself as a feminine being, and connect with all the other INCREDIBLE soul sisters who I have been honoured to share this journey with.

Connie, I thank you with all my heart for bringing such a gift into the world. Your teaching, encouragement and love you have shared with us has enabled us to see our own unique power we all have as women.

Beth Di Nicola 1
Beth Di Nicola 2
Beth Di Nicola 3
Beth Di Nicola

Beth Di Nicola

This spring I returned to Painting the Feminine (PTF) for the second time. The night after our first group call, as I sat down to paint, an intense thunderstorm with incredible lightning illuminated the night sky. As I recalled my childhood home being hit by lightning, I was frightened. Then something magical happened. Rather than stopping, I continued painting right through the storm, transforming my fear into strength while witnessing the power of Mother Earth.

Because I now knew the process and rhythm of PTF, I was able to dive in more deeply and create intuitively from my soul. I witnessed my own feminine energy rise up as I painted my “red story” – bold, raw, fiery, and powerful. My visual language included the use of bold color (primarily red), scattered and swirling energies, right or left dominance, strong vertical lines, and white orbs. My red story speaks about women rising up amidst fear and chaos to create beauty and feel joy.

PTF has given me the space and time to explore whatever showed up on the page. I am grateful to Connie for her love and gentle extra push to take my creative exploration to the next level. PTF has evolved my personal connection with universal feminine wisdom and created a safe space for each of us to heal. I look forward to gathering again with this wonderful community of women in the fall. 

Cheryl Ludwig 1
Cheryl Ludwig 2
Cheryl Ludwig 3
Cheryl Ludwig

Cheryl Ludwig

What surprised me most about my Painting the Feminine Experience was how utterly blocked I was when I first began. Ironically, I had no concerns when I signed up. My internal mantra was “you’ve got this girl.” That could not have been farther from the actual experience once things got under way. I would stare at the blank sheet in my journal and nothing came. No colors, no shapes, no imagery. When I did paint it was dark, muddy, confused and the energy I felt was blatantly masculine. I simply could not shake off or even balance out the mantel of masculine energy that seemed to permeate every aspect of my being and my paintings. That was when I realized how much I had repressed my feminine energy over the years. How I had allowed myself to fall so deeply out of balance to the point where I honestly felt like I had forgotten what it meant to hold feminine energy in my being and in my art. I don’t recall this consciously happening, but my paintings and the angst that was revealed was proof that a decision had been made somewhere along my journey, and that was to jettison the feminine. When images did come, they were often of children or much younger woman, not the wise mature woman I have become. It was as though I remained stuck at some younger age, perhaps revealing when the decision was made to leave the feminine behind in favor of what is more acceptable for woman-the masculine. With the help of the container that Connie created, and the beautiful woman who bravely suited up and showed up in their art each week, I think I have begun to reawaken a part of me that I thought I had lost forever. When I took in their images it changed me. It added something to me as it revealed something about their journey. When you look at my images and the others in this show, I hope it will reveal something not only about me and this tribe of woman, but that you will see a piece of you—perhaps a part that you had forgotten even existed. Hold on to that, nurture it and she will reward you deeply.

Chris Moris 1
Chris Moris 2
Chris Moris 3
Chris Moris

Chris Moris

Second time around these bold and bright paintings appeared! Must be the Spring session!

Jennifer Maroney 1
Jennifer Maroney 2
Jennifer Maroney 3
Jennifer Maroney

Jennifer Maroney

Through Painting The Feminine I learned to trust my intuition in my creative practice. I used to question my subject choices and now I will not. If it shows up in my work it is meant to be there. I also learned to keep pushing ideas, even if they feel awkward or strange and to work through them and get to the other side. Painting The Feminine was a wonderful experience that I intend on continuing personally and I encourage anyone who wants to go deeper into their work to try. Connie is a nurturing and open-hearted teacher who gently guides you into a deeper understanding of your creative process, visual language and yourself. 

Joan Gaetz 1
Joan Gaetz 2
Joan Gaetz 3
Joan Gaetz

Joan Gaetz

Painting the Feminine for the third time brought new connections. Connections with my visual language and connections with the amazing art created by the women in this course.

Thank you Connie, thank you lovely painters!

Kathryn Hinton 1
Kathryn Hinton 2
Kathryn Hinton 3
Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn Hinton

Painting The Feminine Spring 2018 has taught me to dig deeper and go at my own pace. It has taught me that it is ok to put my health before my work and that my work will wait for me to pick up where I left off.

Laurie Eastwood
Laurie Eastwood
Laurie Eastwood
Laurie Eastwood

Laurie Eastwood

This is the second time I’ve taken Painting the Feminine and I found it to be an amazingly safe and nurturing forum in which a group of heart-centered women can express and share so fully.

After the last PTF, I started a daily practice of producing small cards every day that expresses celebrating every day. With your guidance, I discovered my own style and noticed 4 images that always show up; birds, spirals, hearts, and stars. I started the practice on my bday last October and intend to continue until my bday this year. I’m on day 194. It has kept me centered and in a place of mindfulness and gratitude.

Patricia J. Mosca
Patricia J. Mosca
Patricia J. Mosca
Patricia J. Mosca

Patricia J. Mosca

I have given myself the pleasure of being present now for 4 Painting the Feminine workshops. Each time I come with an open heart to find the feminine voice that is within me that guides and guards me. I have learned so much about myself during the process with Connie’s guidance and support and from the wonderful tribe of woman I am witnessed by and honored to know.

The Feminine…I come to you out of the darkness and into the light. softly…gently…speaking in whispers. I come to you with your heart. exploring…opening… on the wings of your flight. I come to you with growth. budding…blooming… I come to you with exploration to your inner self. This is your beginning.

Sheree Matthews
Sheree Matthews
Sheree Matthews
Sheree Matthews

Sheree Matthews

Painting the Feminine

Second time around,
I’m looser, confident
in my stroke, colour palette,
body pieces.

Not trying to get it right,
to be perfect, or to please,
I show up raw and real
to the canvas.

A ritual develops around
music, candles, water,
slowing my movements,
hooking into someone deeper.

SHE doesn’t want to be neat and quiet.
SHE wants to take up space,
be loud and bold,
be beautiful and ugly.

A portal has opened
switching me along
a different crease
in this fabric of self.

When I’m not thinking,
I dive through, body
vibrating with courage,
trail blazing behind.

Other times, I hold back,
breathing my need, sensing
SHE is waiting.
All I have to do is listen.

Thank you for visiting the Painting The Feminine Student Show!

The last and final session of Painting The Feminine begins Monday, September 17, 2018.