Welcome to the Painting The Feminine Student Spring Show!

Painting The Feminine is a very intimate, personal, and unique experience to each woman that makes the journey.  That is why no two artists’ paintings will ever look or feel the same. The thread that weaves each artist together in Painting The Feminine is an openness and curiosity to celebrate, heal, and embody Feminine energy through a daily painting practice for four consecutive weeks.

Because this process is so personal, no student of the Painting The Feminine eCourse is required to display their work publicly.  Instead, only the women who feel deeply called to share their healing works of art with others are encouraged to participate. Many of the women in the Student Spring Show are exhibiting their work publicly for the very first time.

Please join me in celebrating the 19 Painting The Feminine artists who are joyfully sharing their heART with you.  Enjoy!


Painting The Feminine has been a process of contemplating, awakening and healing. I got to embrace the divine and the deepest wounds of my soul, feeling the purest love and compassion for the person I neglect the most: myself.

I learned to exercise my intuition and to let it be. I found the sound of my voice, clear and loud, echoing in the song of the Feminine Tribe. I’m not alone, they hold my hand and support me. I breath in and breath out. I attune in harmony with the Feminine.

What amazes me the most of my Painting the Feminine experience is the variety of emotions and colors that my hand and brush express from a place of Divine love within myself.

Thank you for helping build this space of self love in my life. I am growing and expanding to give more. I feel peace. I feel grounded. I am.

Amy S. Carden

Painting The Feminine is a dance with the sacred, for me. It is an invitation to skip, twirl, and float along my page, along my intuition, along my emotions.

I have been painting intuitively for four years, but this class has given me permission to show up in my life intuitively.

Doing so, allows me to feel more plugged in and connected. The class has left me forever changed. And, I am so thrilled to share these pieces. Thank you for looking!

Bernadette Torres

Thank you Connie for your lovely teaching skills. This art adventure was challenging for me to open up to a new creative flow, as I have little to no experience in Art. I enjoyed the guided meditative tours to the places we spent healing and expanding our feminine power. I loved watching Connie move energy while she painted. The message I keep hearing as I worked on my own creations was to just let go and let it flow. I’m inspired to keep on this path.

Claudia Olmos

What Painting the Feminine has meant to me is… an encounter with a part of me that I didn’t even know existed, it was also a re encounter with moments that I have had hidden deeply in my heart, emotional moments that in the process of painting and connecting creatively came to the light to be healed, PTF meant a journey with beautiful souls that allow me to express and feel comfortable in it. I am very happy for this experience that also opened more my feminine qualities like intuition, passion, vulnerability, authenticity, nurturing, etc. It’s been an encounter with colors, brushes paper and canvas without restrictions, a sense of playing and sensuality, discovery and mystery.

Dawn Zichko

Intuitive painting has taught me to find meaning and abandon meaning simultaneously. Colors who want to be invited to the palette easily call attention, brushes dance on the surface, and I don’t make any plans for the process or have expectations. I simply let the image become itself, whatever that is in the moment. I am an Artist of Presence and Embodiment. It is my hope my art reflects these qualities.

Deb Acquino

What I don’t want to forget about “Painting the Feminine” is how it proved that so many women from all over the world are equally connected to feminism and art. The sisterhood is strong and we always need to remember that we are all in this together through the creative inspiring days and the days that seem to just seem harder to connect with our inner selves.

Connie is so inspirational with her words and art, and she helped me tap into places in my creative brain that have never been tapped before.

I am forever grateful…….

Debbie Cavanagh

Through Painting The Feminine, I have learned to trust my inner voice and surrender the fear of perfection. During my coursework with Connie I have practiced intuitive painting and have allowed the spirit of my being as an artist and woman be enough. She has taught me to start where I am with what I have and enjoy the journey that is creativity. The images that presented themselves to me during this workshop were a surprise yet hauntingly familiar at the same time.

Thank you Connie and fellow artists for all the support and confirmation that- I. Am. Enough.

Dominique Oberhofer

Since Painting The Feminine I now take a moment to center myself before approaching the page and I listen to the little voice inside of my heart, rather than looking outside constantly for inspiration.

I know that everything in life is energy, but because of Painting The Feminine I am now able to look as my painting as energy as well. From what brushes to use to how to intuitively choose colors, Painting The Feminine helped me feel more comfortable with being in the flow of my painting process. Thank you Connie for all your technical and artistic advice, for intimately sharing your process, and your great sense of humor.

Eleni Livitsanos

For me, Painting The Feminine is about entering emptiness, spaciousness, formlessness and from there, drawing out beauty, presence and wisdom, like one draws nourishment from a well. It is a birthing of what the world needs into form. I am in awe of how very special painting the feminine is. It is an opportunity to know Self through connecting to source/beauty and then bringing that knowing into form through painting. It has informed how I show up in my life and then my life has fed back into my painting; and so it goes, around the spiral we travel.

Jenn Sher

Embracing the Feminine…through this 4-week journey of painting the Feminine I’ve discovered a way to listen to my inner guide through journaling and painting what I felt I needed to expressed. Loving this process, dancing around with my inner self and really listening to what wanted to be expressed. Loved how Connie explained everything and how she made sure we felt that we were with her creating on “Studio” days. I also liked the live group chats we spent. Through painting the feminine I also became more aware of my body and how I feel thinking about the different parts of my body. I could day now I truly Love my imperfect body which is product of 3 different pregnancies. I could also teach my daughters how to honor and appreciate their bodies and not be ashamed. Thank you Connie! Loved the workshop.

Jill B.

After spending a month with so many wonderful, inspiring women, I am ready to conquer my fears and delve into those uncomfortable spaces in my art. I really enjoyed the challenge of working from my imagination instead of always just painting what I can see.

I feel like my body of work from this class is so much more meaningful and I learned a lot about my own personal imagery and why things keep recurring. For me, painting the feminine means listening to my inner voice and trusting that what needs to emerge will emerge.

Joan Gaetz

Painting The Feminine with Connie Solera has taken me to a whole new place in my painting. Four weeks of Painting The Feminine flew by. Connie’s program had me painting every day for the first time ever! Each morning when an audio story or video demonstration arrived in my email inbox it felt like a beautifully wrapped gift had been delivered just for me because Connie has a way of making you feel like the only one in her class. Except, there are many, many wonderful female artists who are followers of Connie and the process of sharing in a closed Facebook group created a classroom experience deep and rich with caring, constructive feedback and inspiration.

I love stories and Connie is an amazing story teller whose voice resonated deeply and aroused visual imagery that fueled my paintings. My creativity flowed more strongly by the day until at the end of four weeks I could see evidence of my own visual language in the unique combinations of subject matter, colours and the marks that I made. Committing to a daily practice provided access to a creative space that I have been seeking for many years. I had been looking everywhere except within me. Connie Solera and Painting The Feminine opened my eyes, my heart and my confidence in myself as an artist. Thank you Connie, thank you lovely painters.

JoAnne Parker

To have painted with Connie ….Painting the Feminine a third time is to say that doing this reminds me of who I am and why I paint.. The workshop triggers so many layers of deep ,passionate thoughts and ideas.. It brings back memories beyond this lifetime.. The stories that flow through my paintbrush are those of connections to my soul self and overide my mind… Connie helps me guide my way along an ancient map …one that is embedded in my bones that cannot be visually seen but must be felt… The re membered places and the re uniting of faces.. Forever grateful to the process created by Connie and the willingness to share hearts and souls of the women who were woven into this place and time

Marcia Chadly

Painting the Feminine helped me to realize that Creating is vital to my soul and is the best way for me to hear my inner wisdom. It is important that I devote time and energy to creating. And it is just plain fun to watch what appears!

Nancy Nolin

What surprised me most about my Painting The Feminine experience is how much I loved drawing and painting. I have no formal training; thus, I experienced creativity in the moment which was exciting. I loved exploring my own definition of the feminine and the divine Goddess.

I have never used oil pastels and enjoyed learning techniques with this art medium. I was so excited to paint on canvas as well, and learned to allow the acrylics to speak to me and to add to my canvas weeks later.

My three pieces represent various parts of who I am. The canvas with three women illustrates the maiden, mother and crone archetypes. Each aspect of a woman’s life has purpose and meaning. The three figures also represent Hecate, the Greek Goddess, who had the ability to see in three different directions.

The second piece I want to speak to is the pastel drawing that represents my spirituality through symbols.

The wolf, a constant animal energy in my life. The wolf has a spirit that expresses itself as it honors the full moon which is surrounded by the glorious feminine magical energy. The dragonfly shows up in my life as a messenger. Lastly, the green-eyed women – eyes are the window to the soul. Even in this pastel drawing her eyes draw me into the essence of her being.

I will continue to draw and paint as a continuous life exploration. I am very grateful for this wonderful workshop!

Nicole Edgecombe

I signed up for Painting The Feminine because I felt a bit disconnected from myself and by extension from my art. I was filled with doubts about my painting ability and very critical of everything I produced which of course made painting lose much of its appeal. I wasn’t sure what I would receive by joining Painting The Feminine but some inner knowing kept insisting I should do it so I did.

At first I struggled, not being able to connect to the process of trying to paint all the various aspects of the Feminine. And just when I thought I wouldn’t get what I needed, I did. I realized that by listening to the audio components in which Connie told such wonderfully sensitive, vulnerable stories that most, if not all women could relate to, something in my soul began to open up. Something softened as I recognized myself and even my experiences in hers.

Somehow, that shared common experience allowed me to be softer with myself and my art became fun again! The best part is that I discovered that once I surrendered all that judgement my technique actually improved and revealed my unique personal style.

Patricia J. Mosca

Painting the Feminine has reopened me to my journey of life. I pick up pens and brushes to explore and release my mysteries. It is helping to restore my spirit and my voice. Allowing me to see my truth from the inside out through self love…wisdom…commitment…and a gentleness as I explore the feminine that is me.

PJ Lawrence

I didn’t start out knowing that I am an artist. I came to it as I neared retirement from a corporate information technology career. I took classes in interior design, hoping to work part-time after retirement. But I couldn’t get all the classes I needed at night. I took a couple of drawing classes, then switched to online art journaling classes.

During Connie’s Paint Fearless Mexico retreat, my “order from chaos” corporate challenges foretold my intuitive painting style of facing challenges head-on, trying something, and if that doesn’t work trying another approach. Painting The Feminine has been a natural follow-on to that lightbulb moment. When tasked with choosing three paintings for the Final Show, I reached for my favorites, based on how they look. But that’s not really what Painting The Feminine is about.

It’s about stepping up to a canvas and having trees appear out of fluid, mostly vertical lines. It’s about making a bold statement in my altered-book journal using neutral colors and finding a woman looking back at me from the pages. It’s about creating a painting that I love on canvas, and then completely painting over it the next morning, because it told me it wanted to be simpler, lighter.

But it’s not even about the paintings. It’s about stepping out under the leadership of a supportive guide and being surrounded by other women in a space that is safe to explore and share. It’s about love and acceptance.

Sheree Matthews

Painting the Feminine was an experience of listening to the whispers within, the ideas and inspirations of my heart. This journey has supported me in paying more attention to my voice, my soulful core which had been pushed to the side, silenced and ignored in order to appear acceptable within society. There is another way. Painting the Feminine has strengthened my practice of embracing this other intuitive authentic way.

Thank you for visiting the Painting The Feminine Student Show!

The Fall Session of Painting The Feminine starts Monday, September 18, 2017.