Hey There!

Thank you for your interest in FEARLESS® Painting. Basically this is what I call my painting practice, but really its more of a way of life.

As a teacher I combine my 25+ years experience as a professional artist + art educator with my love and interest in the mystical world of art and creativity.  I’m passionate about visual language, intuitive narratives, and embracing a holistic approach to the creative process.

In my FEARLESS® Painting workshops and retreats you will..

Be invited to embody the truth of who you are as an artist and gain a solid understanding of the mystical and practical mechanics of your unique creative process. Expect to be challenged as well as celebrated.

Never receive step-by-step instructions to follow. In other words, your painting will NOT look like mine or anyone else. I saturate each workshop and retreat with heart opening, insightful discussions on embodying the creative process and crafting your life as an artist combined with fun, mindful instruction that will inspire, challenge, and get you painting deeper than ever before and loving the brushmarks that are uniquely 100%  yours!

Find yourself immersed in a supportive, warm environment to embody your creative process and express yourself honestly! You’ll be heard, seen, and loved for exactly who you are and how you’re showing up! All skill levels and backgrounds are welcomed. The only requirement is a true, sincere desire to create.

My workshops and retreats are for artists who are…

  • called to embrace creativity as a way of life — even the messy parts.
  • yearning to express their own unique artistic style and voice.
  • curious about the deeper currents of creativity.
  • seeking a community of heart guided artists.
  • ready — I mean really ready, to create wildly.

Sound like you?

Great! Below are some ways we can paint together…and be sure to CLICK HERE to take a peek at some of my past workshops and retreats.

Fearless Painting

Paint FEARLESS® Retreats

Paint FEARLESS® Retreats in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Paint FEARLESS® Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Paint FEARLESS® Retreats in Sedona, Arizona USA.

Painting The Feminine


In Painting The Feminine we explore the mystical and practical worlds of painting by unveiling stories of Feminine Wisdom through art journaling, painting on canvas, and cultivating a daily art practice. It doesn’t matter what your background or skill level is — Painting The Feminine will meet you exactly where you are on your Artist journey and guide you deeper.  This Fall will be the last time I teach Painting The Feminine.  Come join us!

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I look forward to painting with you.