Art Journal Wisdom

Welcome To Art Journal Wisdom! I am so happy you are here!

The intention of this FREE 10 day workshop is to get you creating in your art journal — maybe for the very first time ever or the first time in weeks, months or years!

To participate in Art Journal Wisdom there is nothing to sign up for — no forms to fill out.  Simply follow the links below that will take you to each daily dose of inspiration and wisdom!

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Day One :: Gathering Supplies

Here’s a detailed peek into the art journaling supplies I personally use to make art journaling accessible, fun, and affordable!

Day Two :: The Blank Page

After 20+ years of art journaling do you want to know my remedy for facing the blank page again and again and again?

Day Three :: Get It Out, Get It Down

I share with you a healing and discreet way to write your heart out and then add it to your art journal.

Day Four :: Oil Pastel Love

One of my absolute favorite art journaling mediums in the whole wide world are oil pastels and I demystify how to use them effectively and intuitively!

Day Five :: Limit Yourself

Artists Hali Karla, Lisa Wilson, and myself suggest three elements to use while art journaling today.  Limiting yourself as an artist can be a powerful channel for creativity to flow!

Day Six :: Morning Pages

I get up early (almost) every day to attend to my daily Creative Spiritual Practice of “morning pages’.  These aren’t the typical morning pages creative goddess Julia Cameron coined years ago…these morning pages come with a paintbrush!

Day Seven :: Experiment

Art journaling is a great place to let your creativity run wild and experiment with various mediums and styles — but in today’s installment I share with you a practice I use to push my creativity to the limits and try something new!

Day Eight :: Floooow

Overcome resistance and just do it! That’s the essence of today’s lesson and I share a powerful exercise to get those creative juices flowing!

Day Nine :: From My Heart To Yours

Remember there’s no right or wrong way to art journal — and other nuggets of art journal wisdom collected together here in one place!

Day Ten :: Share Your Wisdom

What is your art journal wisdom? Come share your stuff!

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